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dr Paul
« on: October 22, 2007, 04:18:32 PM »
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   voi che siete piu DEangelini di me… ditemi che ne pensate del doc paul… vi copio l intervista che c e su http://attraction-chronicles.blogspot.com/
I’m CEO of DoctorPaul.Net, where we provide the best material on communicating to women I have ever seen or heard of. Yes, grandiose sounding, except for the fact that it’s the only cutting edge material truly based in multiple sciences you’ll find, rather than based on strong-armed muscle-advertising or cult of personality. If you do an experiment and I do one and a million guys do one and get the same result, then we are forced to come to the same conclusion, and we say, “well that’s the real deal.” “Methods” based on the advertising clout, pr, or personality of the speaker do not work for every guy, every time, in every situation. Science does, when devised by a real scientist with formal education, not just the idiot’s guide series, or a Robert Greene book.
I’m in my 30’s, live in the midwest, and don’t believe in “being in the game” – you’re either a man who knows what time it is, or you have growing to do. I’m a physician and psychiatrist first, and an observer on all the acronyms, trademarks, seminars and the like in “the community” second. I don’t take kindly to any activity that goes to an extreme, or fanaticism, cultishness (e.G. See tony robbins). If you want to talk in normal-people language, i’m up for it. I have been in business as a hobby for three years, but have been a struggling (and now successful) mainstream author and speaker for at least 12 years i kind of fell into this specific area of teaching people and writing by accident. I a psychoanalytic theorist by training and trade, which simply means I take complex human systems, and use real science, not kitchen table wisdom or locker room philosophizing, to come up with simple and practical, repeatable solutions to that complexity. I take human behavior and make it simple for people to use in their lives as if they actually had had my exact academic training and 14 years clinical experience as a psychiatrist. I want to duplicate myself into a million clones, or at least duplicate what know so that people can make better lives through understanding the mind – not in some weird lofty lab-academic way, but in normal language, and practical, and definitely accurate (which only science can provide, not just cults of personality).
So I accidentally met David Deangelo, and we talked, and found we thought a lot alike, and I saw a way to help him with my material, and also saw he used ideas in a more scientific way than anyone else in “the community”, even though not a trained scientist academic himself. So he’d ask me a question and i’d show how science of the mind answers it. I’d ask him about business and he’d tell me just as eloquently how business works. So it was a fast friendship. Then I did some products with him for him, and before I knew it, guys wanted to talk to me and wanted me to make products for them. I feel david d may always be the industry leader in that specific field though, and good for him. I have other plans, to remain in that field but in many more, kind of like “intel inside,” well it’s like mindos inside.
Mindos is my original master theoretical work. It is original, and a true synthesis of all “schools of psychology” set in the world’s only visual model of the workings of the mind. In short, it is a ‘unification theory’ of the mind, much like they seek in the area of physics. It is true “quantum psychology” and offers a new way to envision artificial intelligence too. It can be applied to dating, but also to any other area of a man’s (or woman’s) life – politics, friends, family, career, success, anything that has human systems or individual or group psychology to it. It took me 15 years to develop and 14000 patient encounters to deduce the material, 4 yrs undergrad, 4 yrs med school, 4 yrs residency, and 2 years psychoanalytic training. I firmly believe something for men could not possibly have been developed without that academic, formal education training and clinical experience as a physician and former student of all the sciences – biology, physics, chemistry, but also literature and myth, film, anthropology, sociology, economics, all of which I have thoroughly studied. Some “fields” like “nlp” mislead people into thinking you can bypass formal education and just model people. Well that doesn’t lead to innovation, just a bunch of clone theories and products. It takes time to come out with a real advance in a real technology. Anyway…
1. Describe the moment, when you suddenly realized, “I need to work out this part of my life.”
I was broken up with at 22 by a fiancee, and while studying and training to be a doctor, took up the cause of educating myself about the mind of women, and the notion of how human instinct and attraction work…I guess that personal goal led me out of being a surgery trainee and into psychiatry.
2. Have you had any mentors within life that have helped you improve your game, and what did they teach you?
Um, no. Mainly trial by fire, but I must say that I know so many people in so many fields that I really have learned bits and parts of attraction traits and skills from, from a guy who is about to hit it big in music with the coolest new band on mtv (known him for ten years, though he was 18 when we met – he used to play my parties),and he has no idea what “the community” is to this day. A guy who works for the european economic community and now lives in paris with his hot english wife, a guy who was a student and wingman of mine who worked for a colorado billionaire and now is in some sort of secret societies that really run the world, and a guy who is british, but arab descent, born in egypt, yet has worked for microsoft, and has the most silky smooth ways with women you’ve ever heard of, and yet none of these men know what the community is. I encourage men to have a much bigger life than any one group. However, the community is one of the only accepting, encouraging, respectful of each other groups of men that is young and multinational today – it’s a valuable thing to have in society as long as strong ethics are still taught in it and it is not at all about just “getting laid”. That’s so adolescent. I’ve met many top notch guys who have a real life through community seminars.
3. You’re background is in psychology, and you’ve been very successful. Did psychology influence you personally with attraction, or were mentor’s a greater influence?
I’m not a psychologist. I’m an md psychiatrist/physician. Yes, I can literally “read” any woman or man who walks in the room within five minutes and know what their problems are in general, what their likely future relationship behavior is, and what they are attracted to. I do mean that. If you read malcolm gladwell’s “blink” book, you know how that is possible. All those years of study and thousands of patients. You kind of get a “seventh sense”(tm) as I call it, and that sense is basically what I teach men in my products.
4. Can you describe the first time you used a counter-intuitive routine that yielded it’s promised results, and how you felt?
I don’t use routines. That’s ridiculous. I’m about being myself and knowing what time it is with people and their behavior. Be real. I think there are a lot of promised results not based in science. And guess what, they don’t work every time, for every guy in every situation. Science does. That’s why it has lasted since the first caveman threw a rock in the air and shouted “cool” when it reliably fell to the ground every single time he threw it. Well, that’s caveman science for you. I do like mystery’s material in the sense that it does have an experimental testing tone to it, which is kinda sorta science-like, but still based in personal experience rather than formal research and education. Like him as a person too. He’s an inquisitive mind, and a good heart, wanting to help guys. Some other folk, well whatever…
5. What is your favorite place to meet women, and how do you usually approach them?
Anywhere. Any time. I open my mouth without any routine or robotic geeky crap and say one word “hi”, then I just vibe, and truly care about knowing what they know. This may not be in the form of asking questions to them, which can seem needy, but rather, I have always had something about me that makes people want to talk to me and tell me stories of their life. They like it, and it makes them like you back.
6. What options you have with women now?
Um, come on. I have any option I put my mind and heart to. That’s just a matter of how much work and how much desire for a certain kind of relationship experience a guy wants to put forth. I have enjoyed a relationship with a mature, hugely attractive future attorney for about a year. It is a good thing for my life right now.
7. What was your hardest/biggest sticking point?
Hmm. Getting out of my head and into my body. I mostly discovered this by taking comedy improv acting class and finding it revealed a kind of hesitation about using my body freely and in any way I wanted to. So I worked on it, and now I dance, or use body language in any way I want. I think it also helps a guy to exercise regularly and feel great about your physical presence, though I know a lot of fat guys too who don’t care and just dive into kino and body language freely and without hesitation.

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