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natural method da RSD
« on: December 20, 2007, 02:06:51 AM »
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SHOCK and AWE… Fool’s Mate Game. There’s a myth in this underground world we inhabit that if you sleep with a girl within minutes of meeting her, that’s not solid game.
On the one hand, I agree.
If you fluke out once in a while and find some random chick who’s just looking to get laid, that’s not you – that’s just luck.
Some guys will harp on about how great they are at getting girls because it happens to them once in a blue moon.
I speak from experience. I too was once a deluded chode.
What if it’s not every once in a while?
What if you can pull chicks in minutes, consistently. And not munters (US translation: warpigs) mind. What if you can consistently pull stunning girls, rapidly?
Is that solid game?
In this article I will sketch out a detailed map of how to pull off “Fool’s Mate” pickups with consistency and panache.
Are you sitting comfortably?
Then I’ll begin.
The Best Natural I Ever Met
When I decided that I was going to get good with women, I was broke. I had no money, and I had no friends.
I’d gotten fired from my fancy job in the sandstone maze of London’s Square Mile, and I was in debt. I moved to Edinburgh because I couldn’t afford London rent, and I slept on my sister’s couch until I found a job.
The job I found was bartending. It was good, easy work. After the nightmarish stress of the financial sector, it felt like heaven.
Besides, it also meant that I’d be talking to lots of girls.
That was good, but the real benefit I got from taking that job was a guy called Andy.
I thank God every day that my path crossed with Andy’s.
Andy was amazing.
He was just jaw-dropping. He wasn’t ugly, but he wasn’t particularly good looking. He was an engineering student who worked in a bar.
I have never seen a man pull that well.
We became friends, and as I worked at approaching and approaching, I started to improve.
Ultimately though, it was Andy that made me great.
You see, I’d fucked around with ‘indirect’ game, but found it weak, pointless, unnatural. Direct game was different. Powerful, exciting, real. I found my results getting better and better.
But I was nothing compared to Andy.
You see, Andy didn’t date. Ever. He didn’t date, he didn’t buy girls drinks, he didn’t call them, he NEVER took phone numbers.
At the age of 21, he’d already slept with over 150 women.
Engineering student.
Andy’s Secret – Reverse Engineered
One day I asked him a question. I’d just gotten shit-tested in a massive way by this hot Swedish chick, and completely crashed out.
I ran the test by Andy. It was this:
“You just want to fuck me, don’t you?”
I offered several responses – Play it hard to get. Play it cocky. Play it sweet.
Andy just laughed at me. Then he said this:
“You know what I’d have said? I’d have said – Fuck yeah. I’ll fuck you in every hole you’ve got.”
He said it with a beaming grin on his face, laughing as he said it. Not joking as he said it, mind – that’s important. Laughing, but not joking.
I thought about this for a time, then I began to use it. Not his line, but his attitude.
Amazingly, it worked. Even while I was testing this shit out, I’d rarely get blown out. And my results skyrocketed.
Toward the end of my singledom, before I met my beautiful girlfriend, I would walk out of the house alone, walk into the first busy bar I saw, walk up to the hottest chick in the room, pull her, take her home and fuck her.
I would do this consistently, without getting blown out. One approach per night. 100% success.
Believe me or don’t, I don’t care. It is true. I used to do it to show off to all my friends.
In the end, even Andy couldn’t match me.
What I am about to tell you is real. I’ve been sitting on this for a while, because I’ve been in a relationship and I’ve been off the forums for a while.
Joining RSD’s brought me back, but I recently remembered that I never posted about this on any of the major forums.
For all intents and purposes gentlemen, this is hot off the press.
Essentially, it’s fool’s mate game.
It’s a way of getting a Fool’s Mate – that is to say, a rapid seduction that takes minutes and not hours.
This was always something of a holy grail to me – I saw naturals pull consistent same night lays, and I knew that I would do that too.
I hated phone game – still do. I’m shit at it. I’m rubbish on the phone because one day after calling through 25 numbers I’d collected one afternoon and getting nothing, I decided I’d never take another phone number, no matter HOW PROMISING it seemed to be.
Same night, or nothing. That was my training rule.
Besides, I was always curious about the ‘GM method’. Most of you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but basically way back in the day there was a PUA who claimed to have cracked the Fool’s Mate Code.
His ‘style’ was, he said, extremely ‘advanced’ and ‘high risk’.
As such, it never caught on.
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Re: natural method da RSD
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2007, 02:07:05 AM »
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SHOCK and AWE is not high risk. It sounds like it is, but it’s really not – and I’ll explain why in a moment.
It’s not even advanced. I’d call it intermediate. If you can open, and you can get attraction, and you can chill out and chat with a chick and not get weird – you can do this.
It is not a quick fix solution for hopeless newbies.
If you’re having problems stringing a sentence together, if your body language sucks, if you have shit VOICE PROJECTION (this, as Jeffy points out, is crucial to all game) – this will not work.
However, if you’re plateauing somewhere in the intermediate stages, (or if you just hate getting phone numbers like I do) this might be EXACTLY what you need.
I never felt that GM method, or any other Fool’s Mate method were very well explained.
Hardcore insta-pickups seem always to be written as very high-risk things for, well, Grand Masters.
I wanted to provide something much simpler, something easier that is devastatingly effective and instantly useable.
So here it is, gentlemen. Shock and Awe.
It’s All So Simple
A good friend of mine once asked, regarding pickup – “why isn’t this easy.”
The answer is, as he pointed out, that it is easy. We just make it complex.
Shock and Awe is, very simply, something I developed out of SOIing too much when I was closing a chick down so I could kiss her/grab her and leave/whatever.
I developed a very specific kind of SOI (statement of intent) that covers your back socially while allowing you to come out with the most outrageous stuff – stuff that gets her very horny, very fast.
I’d use principles from this to sex up the vibe of a conversation with a chick if it was getting dull. The point is though, you don’t need to do that.
I realised that you can open with it. You can open, and then drop straight into a continual SOI loop and close a chick straight down very fast. It’s a kind of vibe, you can feel when you’ve hit it because it’s electric. You can just go ape from the outset and drive her crazy, then take her home.
The Mechanics Of Fool’s Mate Game
This is a very basic sketch of Shock and Awe.
Basically, being open about your desire and BLAMING THE CHICK for being hot is fucking dynamite.
Toward the end of my pickup rampage I had developed a whole new kind of game around doing just this one thing.
I called it Shock and Awe, because it is shocking, awesome, and if you nail it you can pull a chick extremely quickly. It’s mental. I love it. I stopped doing it for a while because it got boring.
No, really.
The final thing to understand before we get to the nitty gritty of what to do is this:
The SOIs you use in Shock and Awe aren’t really SOIs as such.
You’re not making a “Statement of Interest.” You’re not making a “Statement Of Intent.”
You’re stating your DESIRE.
This is a whole ‘nuther level of important. There’s not “I intend to sleep with you” or “I am interested in you”. This is you talking about your DESIRE alone. That is all. How hot she is. How sexy she is. How awesome her body is.
Just pure sex, right from the outset.
Enough Fucking Foreplay – Here It Is
To map the basic structure of Shock and Awe it would be
1) Approach with an SOI, then SOI stack, blaming her hotness for your actions.
Make sure they are creative and funky SOIs. Think of it like jazz. SOI jazz. Free form, just go for it. Say anything. It’s not important. What is important is that you blame her for being hot. Say something like
“Excuse me, but what? What do you want? Do you want me to just walk on by? I mean, you’re absolutely stunning. Do you want me to just pretend like that doesn’t effect me? I mean, how? I’m just some guy. I can’t turn it off. What are you trying to do to me, woman?” etc….
2) Always be escalating physically, always always always.
Blame her for the fact you can’t keep your hands off her. Act like you’re trying to keep your hands of her and you just can’t. Blame her more. Ask her why she’s doing this to you. Physically fight your urge to touch her, and make this conflict OBVIOUS. You are a wild animal STRAINING against a tight fucking leash. You’re in control… but BARELY.
Don’t fake this. Really get into this headspace. Ozzie’s recent post on the Wild Man is EXACTLY what you need to do here.
3) Express desire, do this relentlessly and blame her for it.
Tell her you deserve a gold star for effort for not jumping all over her. Keep it funny, but make sure the vibe is highly erotic. Remember – LAUGHING, NOT JOKING. Tell her that if she doesn’t stop being hot you’re not going be held responsible. Tell her to eat a load of pies, and gain 5 stone so you can connect with her personality without wanting to tear all her clothes off.
4) If you push it too far, apologise for the disrespect and not the action.
Genuinely apologise. Really. Actually do this and FUCKING MEAN IT. But remember – ONLY apologise for the DISRESPECT. NEVER apologise for the ACTION/SOI/KINO. Then tell her you did it because she’s really hot. Blame her for being hot. Tell her she should wear a bag over her head so you can have a normal conversation with her.
5) Go to step 2.
You can basically do this until she breaks. It’s great.
Just remember guys, use a condom.
Are You Serious? Is It Really That Simple?
Honest to God, have consistently pulled hot chicks with this. It’s not infallible, but it’s hilarious and it blows through all the crap.
Can I Do This In A Group Of Girls?
Yup. It’s a different ball game though.
Group Shock and Awe.
S+A the entire group as an opener and then drop into a highly charged comfort phase.
This is actually really easy.
This is also how you NEUTALIZE ALL RISK associated with being so extreme.
You just say something like “No – no, this is ridiculous. I’m going to find out who you are. You can’t do this to me. I have depth. Tell me about yourself.”
And then they do (either that or they demand to know who you are, but it’s all in good fun) and boom, you’re chatting. It acts like an explosive, funny, charming group opener.
They usually then fight it out amongst themselves for who gets to fuck you, or you can hit on one especially if you like her.
Do I Need Lots Of Isolation?
Isolation? Sure, you need it, but you don’t need much, especially in a club or a bar.
Normal rules apply – I wouldn’t go for the kill on a chick in a seated set, just set the vibe then chill back, stay in contention and wait for an opening.
If it’s a loud club, you can claw a chick close to you for isolation, or just lean in.
Basically, you don’t need to be slavish about this. A few feet of distance will do it. Remember – SHOCK and AWE. As soon as you start you kick off this electric vibe.
It’s all about the vibe, about magnifying the vibe.
And the vibe is generated from the fact that she’s so sexy she’s breaking you down, but you’re resisting. That’s where the tension comes from.
How Important Is It To Blame The Chick For Your Extreme Actions?
This is the heart of it. You are talking direct, but you’re blaming her hottness for your directness.
As such, it’s like two different levels of compliment, both of which are highly unusual and extremely difficult to resist.
You’re basically telling her it’s totally out of character for you to behave like this and you’re fighting it, but you’re really, really struggling.
This isn’t an academic issue. This frame is how you avoid ASD when going for a Fool’s Mate. The frame is, she is breaking down your resolve with her hotness. This is massive. Why?
Because it defuses so many negative things.
First off, her ASD can’t really kick in. Why not? Because she’s not doing anything, and neither are you. You’re just complimenting her. No girl is going to walk away from someone just because he says she’s hot, not unless she’s a nutter.
Secondly, it’s a female fantasy. She’s the femme fatale, destroying your resistance. The more fight you put up, the more resistance to her you express, and the more you lose this battle, the more she feels sexy.
You Say I Should Kino Escalate – How?
Look – you’ve gotta be savvy with it, but anyone who’s good with girls will tell you that you can get very tactile very quickly as long as you aren’t being weird.
Don’t paw her. Slide your fingertips along her arms. Take her hand in yours, really, really lightly (this is killer). Glide your hands on her skin. Hardly touch her at all. Even move your hands toward her waist then pull them back as if dragging them back against resistance (don’t be weird, it’s all kinda tongue in cheek) and then give up. Then pull them back again. Then berate her more for being hot.
Should You Do This After A Normal Opener?
I don’t know what a normal opener is. I usually rock up and say hi, then blurt out something and play it by ear.
Don’t You Need Zen-Master Levels Of Calibration?
No. You just have to be “not completely shit.”
Look – fair enough, calibration is important, but calibration does not mean hesitation. You should be leading the encounter. Lead it. It goes where you go. You’re the man.
Won’t This Break Too Many Social Rules?
That’s WHY it works.
Yes – seriously.
The fact that you blame her means that she has to justify it as not being her fault.
But how can she do that? Is she going to say “I’m not that hot?”
No. She is a woman. She will, instead, love it.
It’s a female fantasy, she’s annihilating you with her looks alone. You’re resisting but she’s breaking you down.
They love it. Seriously, it’s great.
Do I Have To Go For Broke Every Time I Use This?
No. You can drop out of it any time with the line I gave you earlier
Also, this doesn’t have to be used as such a high-octane thing.
Try dropping a little of it in here and there. See what happens. Learn to calibrate it. The vibe you want is half sexy mocking, half pure sex.
It is all about that vibe.
You can tell when you’re good to go in for a kiss because she’ll start darting in toward your lips then veering off, pretending it was by accident.
I call this “The Dive.”
When you see this, grab her by the back of the neck and kiss the shit out of her.
So Are You Saying I Can Just Do This?
It’s amazing how well this attitude defuses all the negative things about being really direct with girls.
And once you’ve defused them, boom – you can basically cut through all the tactics and just blast her with desire until she breaks.
What If I Run Out Of Things To Say?
A big part of this is about getting creative with your compliments. I don’t want to give too many actual examples of stuff, mainly because the stuff you say doesn’t have to be da vinci.
This is NOT a routine-based method.
It is a direct method, a way of cultivating an attitude of non-weird, engaging, sexual expression. You can do it high octane and go for the Fool’s Mate, or you can do it low-octane and just drop Shock and Awe SOI’s in as and when in the context of chatting up a lovely young lady.
Sometimes you can strip it right down and say “You’re really hot” to a girl, but in a kind of bolshy, accusing tone, almost like you’re affronted by that fact. Like it’s unfair, or out of context, or like she’s just doing it to piss you off.
That works too.
Another one that I came up with that I thought was great (and makes a brilliant opener) is when I’m talking to a chick, to just look at her boobs, look back at her eyes, and then in my best Hugh Grantish voice say “I’m terribly sorry, I just totally checked you out.”
They’ll usually laugh and say “that’s ok.” or something. Then you can drop straight into S+A and say “It’s your fault. You’re totally stunning. I’m just some guy. I can’t stand up to this kind of artillery.”
I love saying that. The artillery thing. It’s almost my trademark. Never got a bad reaction, ever. Not once.
So I’ve Just Got To Be Funny?
This is not a set of jokes.
It is a flow, a constant flow of jazz where the one thing goes into the other.
Occasionally the girl will coquettishly say “I’m sorry” when you blame her for being hot, to which you can blast back with “You’re not sorry at all.” And then she’ll usually giggle. Bless.
There’s something important that I want to say here.
I knew a guy who had major issues with women, really negative stuff. You know, when a guy gets vindictive, or harbours a grudge against women because they’ve never wanted him.
I showed him S+A, and pulled a couple of chicks in front of him so he could see it. He wanted to have a go.
It wasn’t good.
When I watched him do this, you could actually see that he really was actually angry. It was scary and weird. We talked through a lot of it, but I realised that if you do actually harbour actual aggression or resentment toward women, this comes across and they will freak and run.
Women are lovely. Remember this.
Just so everyone, especially guys who are absolutely starting out on this understand, there is no actual anger or malice involved in this. It’s hard to convey voice tone over the internet, so I’m going to spell this one out.
This is totally critical. It probably doesn’t really need to be said on this forum because this is a cool place, but I wanted to make that explicit. If you are actually angry with women, you need to really address that before you do anything else, and certainly before you start pulling out shit like this.
This is a way of expressing how much you desire a woman without weirding her out. That is basically all S+A is. It’s just a highly concentrated way of doing it.
I know you guys get that here, I just wanted to get it in black and white so everyone’s on the same page.
So If I Do This Will A Chick Just Jump Me?
If you do it right, very often she will, yes. HOWEVER – it’s impossible to predict who will and who won’t.
Depends on a million things. It can be very rapid, or it can take a while.
The beauty of this is that if it seems like she’s not just in the mood to leap all over you, you can drop the S+A and just have a chat. Again, that line to segue into a more normal (though highly charged conversation is…
“no, you’re not going to break me. I have depth. I’m going to get to know you properly, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Tell me about yourself.”
I’ve Heard I Shouldn’t Get Girls Horny Until We’re Alone
Fuck that pussy-ass shit.
You get her properly horny. Some guys will say that you should be tactical about this kind of thing.
I just can’t be bothered.
As far as I see it, there’s no point fucking around when you’re fucking around.
WOW! This Sounds Amazing! Finally! The Magic Pill!
Nope. It’s not a magic pill. As I said, this will only work for guys who are already reasonably comfortable with approaching.
If you’re looking at this thinking “Awesome – now I don’t have to do all those tricky approaches” then you’re heading for a fall.
This takes balls.
You need to grow balls, and you can only do that by approaching lots and lots of chicks and becoming cool with approaching.
It’s a Fool’s Mate Game system that GENUINELY WORKS – but it is not the ANSWER to your PRAYERS.
Here’s a good rule of thumb. If you’re looking at this and getting excited because you think it’s cool, odds are you’re going to be able to do it.
If you’re looking at this thinking it’s the meaning of life, you’re still a fucking newbie and you need to get some experience.
Ok. Fair Play, Ciaran. Sounds Like A Good Technique Though.
It’s not a technique as much as it is a mode of sexual expression. I mapped out the stages just to give you a feel of what to do, but I hope you guys can see that this isn’t a tactical thing. This is what happens when you say “fuck tactics” and just go for it.
I originally came out with this on a chick who was just ludicriously hot, amazing eyes, dress, legs, face, teeth, ears, nasal hair – the works. I was in an absolutely chipper mood, nimbus aglow, just on top form.
I opened by telling her that it was ridiculous to expect me to just walk on by with her looking like that. She smiled, so I kept on saying the same kind of thing. Next thing I know she’s kissing me.
What I’m saying is that this has to be genuine. Direct game, if not genuine, is seedy, manipulative weirdness.
S+A is a vibe. It is a route of expression.
The inner game stuff, the practise – all that jazz, is the iceberg. This is the tip.
This is not a short cut.
It’s just not a massive detour, which a lot of highly tactical systems are. I’m certain that if you’ve never done anything like this before it is scary, so just understand that there are several elements to this that go on behind the scenes.
One is your general abilities of self-expression and creative speech. This is something that Jeffy explains brilliantly, so read his stuff, copy it, buy the Jeffy Show and watch it constantly. The other big part of it is sexual expression, for which I’d also recommend The Jeffy Show, Foundations or Transformations (Ozzie is really bang on here, as is Tim).
Closing Statements
Shock and Awe is the pinnacle of direct game as I practice it.
Fool’s Mate game.
No bullshit, no tactics, just straight in there, make a girl feel really sexy, have great fun with her, be cool, go back to your/her place and do the hunka-chunka. Problem solved.
This isn’t about tricking girls into stuff, or playing them. If you try that, you’ll fail, and I will personally batter you senseless with your own shoes.
This is about refusing to be a leaf in the hurricane.
This is about being the hurricane, gentlemen.
Be the fucking hurricane. __________________ Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

But for my faith in God, I should have been a raving maniac.
Mohandas Gandhi

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