style fa un NUOVO challenge! hole!!!

Offline rotello

finalmente fa qualcosa di interessante la puttana del pick up… chi di voi ha un vibratore (ice, rubaglielo ad alice) e un telecamera? io sono pronto a fare 10 approci cosi!
——————– I’m going to keep this short and to the point:
Hypnotica once said that in order to achieve true mastery, you have to be able to approach women with a dildo strapped to your head.
I decided to put that to the test.

The video is at the very top of the page. You can’t miss it. As you’ll be able to tell by the reactions of the women, all the approaches are real.
Your Partner In Crime, Neil
P.S. To get the above Video Challenge started properly, I’ll add as my Top Friends the first guys (or girls) who perform the mission, videotape it, and upload it to my MySpace page. This way, everyone on the list will be able to see your videos.
P.P.S. My new book Rules Of The Game is officially out today…but you all know that already. So don’t forget to collect your routine demonstrations, winging tutorials, e-books, and other VIP-list bonuses after purchasing the book at your local bookstore this week. Thanks again for the support. The link remains:

Offline Davide bRiOz

Apposto siamo… io intanto ho creato una mission:
sto forum mi ha perso anche il mio commento precedente che riscriverò sperando che esca bene come la prima volta :P
Che altri esercizi di sviluppo personale conoscete che potete applicare su voi stessi per ottenere gli stessi risultati in minor tempo e in maniera più efficace?

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