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n last week’s Weekend Wingman you began to learn about all the dating and attraction secrets that everyone at the Stylelife West Coast Conference 2007 experienced over those amazing three days in Hollywood, California.  This week, we continue with part two of Quickswitch’s detailed conference report, which includes a bunch of really cool surprises that we know you’ll enjoy reading…

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= THIS WEEK’S WEEKEND WINGMAN =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Techniques and Strategies Revealed at the Stylelife Conference
At the Stylelife West Coast Conference 2007 – The combination of attendees, instructors, special guest speakers, and ground breaking new material that was presented all mixed together wonderfully. There was a magic in the air that everyone could feel. One of the students in attendance, Quickswitch, has written up a detailed field report of everything he experienced at the conference.
Last week, we presented to you part one of his report. Today, you’ll learn about the thrilling conclusion of the first ever Stylelife World Conference on the west coast of the United States, complete with a few of the techniques and strategies he learned at the Stylelife Conference, which you can apply in your life right away.
Enjoy the final installment of Quickswitch’s West Coast Conference Field Report!

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= WEST COAST CONFERNECE 2007 THE QUICKSWITCH FIELD REPORT PART II =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
The first half of the conference was a frenzy of useful information from all the top SLA coaches…Style, Bravo, Gypsy, Evolve, Tommy D, DJ, Don Diego Garcia, and Monte Cristo. They blew us away with value and teachings, but things were just heating up. Soon we would be seeing an assortment of great guests, some quite unexpected.
Saturday, 5pm – Mystery and Matador
When we got back into the Academy Room of the Roosevelt Hotel, Style solemnly told us how 4 years ago he had come to this same place seeking answers.
The man who gave him the answers he sought was a brilliant social scientist who went by the name of Mystery. And Mystery would now instruct us, the next generation of attraction artists, because he was here, now!
MYSTERY was in the house and he spoke about different types of Game…
First up was the Cold Approach – You and a Social Setting. This is what we were here to learn. Public events are great training grounds for social interaction, because they build your competence level.
Mystery went into detail about how stressful it can be, because of the paralysis by analysis you can get when you’re just starting to learn the skills you need to possess, but at the same time, approaching is fun because of the great rewards. The truth about the cold approach is that you can’t really play the game without this skill. And you can’t get GOOD at this game if can’t approach and open consistently.
Mystery then talked a bit about Cryogenic Game – You and the Girl, or playing “Onesies” as he called it. When it is just you and a girl in a book store or coffee shop, there is no opportunity to forward merge.
Women of beauty are often found in groups…sometimes with MEN! So it is imperative you learn both the Cold Approach AND Cryo Game. Mystery went on to explain how it was possible to get the girl…with the permission of the men in the group!
Mystery also taught us how to see the entire social environment as a huge, single game of chess where you can forward and backward merge. This shows a woman that you have social intelligence, which adds to your survival and replication value and pumps attraction.
– When you forward merge to meet new friends (cold open a new set with the girl you just met on your arm), you are demonstrating your higher value.
– Backwards merge (take the girl you just met to meet people who you already know), smile, convey a sense of playfulness, and say, “C’mon, let me introduce you to some friends of mine…don’t embarrass me”.
It takes roughly 25 minutes of comfort building and demonstrating higher value to create a deep and lasting connection. Understand this and use it. So show her you have value, but more so, systematically prove it to her!
Mystery’s then provided us his Rules of Higher Social Value, which include:
– Your value drops if you are “that guy” who wanders the dance floor.
– It is a matter of being the Observer or the Observed. Who do YOU want to be?
– Don’t look around, don’t wander, and don’t hover. Instead… FIRST SET ON THE LEFT! As soon as you get into a social environment just turn left and OPEN. If they’re an all guy set, who cares? If you can’t talk to guys, how the hell are you going to talk to women?
Next was the third type of game, the Warm Approach – House parties, arms length personals, places you may have a common thread to talk about. This is where you can freely open a set, forward and backward merge with abandon. You can use last night’s successes to assist you in the next day’s success, or next week’s for that matter.
Take the five numbers you got the night before (the week before, etc.) and invite them all to the same picnic. This will open up the jealousy plot lines and make some of those girls realize how much they like you.
Mystery then went on to detail how to build a social LIFE, not a separate outing each and every night, by using last month’s success to fuel this month’s success and so on…really powerful information.
Mystery’s 5 Attraction Mechanisms –
(First, remember to speak slowly, stay calm, and make sure they can always hear you…)
1. Pre-Selection – Whenever possible, have women already with you, but if you can’t, demonstrate your value through a STORY of how you are desired.
2. Be a Leader of Men – Be part of the leadership circle by demonstrating your leadership qualities. Once again, if you can’t display, TELL through a story.
3. Protector of Loved Ones – STORY of how you take care of your own.
4. Willingness to Emote – Why hide your vulnerability when that’s what she wants to see?
5. Successful Risk Taker – You don’t have to be famous or insane, but she wants to know that you TRIED something…
Use these tools correctly and you can BUILD A LIFE.
Mystery ended with an important message:  Remember that there are only 28,251 days in an average life, and the purpose of it is to replicate and survive. That is your prime directive and that is the value judging system you base all your decisions on. So remember that with every single person you talk to and interact with, there is one important thing you share. Your humanity.
Up next was another totally unannounced surprise guest…Matador! His fame on the VH1 reality show, “The Pickup Artist” made him a familiar face to all present, and everyone was excited to hear him speak.
He told us that life is like a piece of art and posed the question, “don’t you want to create a masterpiece that lives on after you’re gone?”
The key, he said, is composing and creating a lifestyle that is congruent.
If you are displaying and verbally telling women that you are an exciting, fun-filled individual, and she goes over to your house for a Day 2 and she realizes you’re a slob and you have no life… that is not congruency. You’re better off not inviting her over – Get an exciting life FIRST.
If you’re peacocking and showing that you’re a flashy, interesting guy, and she later realizes you’re actually a slob…that is not congruent. Clean yourself up first!
Your emotional energy is contagious. Someone who has a magnificent belief in himself is contagious. Be that guy.
If you are going to project and present a certain image, you must do the back work to actually BE that guy! It’s that simple. So start out by understanding what makes you intriguing, or what COULD make you intriguing.
Here are a few of the tips Matador shared with us on playing “The Game of Life” –
– Understand people’s red herrings, their fake arguments and realize what their underlying emotions are.
– Train yourself to get to the point where you can go into all social situations and flow like water.
– Social dynamics, and the mastery of social dynamics, what we are learning, can move mountains. All great social leaders knew and understood this. Now so do we…

Offline rotello

At this point…Style, Mystery, and Matador all took the stage and students were able to ask any question they would like, here is a sample of a few of those questions, along  with the answers given:
Q: How do you feel about drinking versus not drinking in the field?
A: This is a skill set to learn and master. Do you train in one of the martial arts drunk for confidence? Do you remember lines better when drunk? If you want, you can have a drink or two, so long as you don’t use it as a crutch. Often it is best not to drink at all.
Q: Should I go out alone, or with a wingman?
A: Having a good wingman is better than not having a wingman. But having a bad wingman is worse than going out alone. So if you have to, go out alone. However, understand that not having a wingman is NOT an excuse to stay in.
Q: What is the difference between day game and night game?
A: Traffic. If you are in a subway and there is no one else around and you go all the way over to the other end of the car to sit next to a girl, that would seem odd. But in a club or bar, if you go all the way through a traffic jam of people to “get some air”; you have reasons for being there.
The only difference is traffic, so your reasons for approaching must be unique for that particular environment. A la, you’d never “spin” a girl at the coffee shop whereas at 12:30am on a Saturday night at the club, it would be perfectly acceptable.
After another round of sign ups for the clubs on Saturday night, the learning portion for the 2nd day of the conference came to an end, and the energy was like going to a concert…and the many of the students began focusing their overloaded brains on the night of approaching ahead. It was time to test what we had learned in the field.
And a good thing too, because after the full day of Coach Tracks, Mystery and Matador, and samplings of Style’s best material, we were ready to blow off some steam!
Some crazy adventures went down, and field reports of these tales can be seen on the elite forums…but for now, I’ll stick to the action that took place at the conference!
Day 3 – November 4, 9am Academy Room – Coach Office Hours/Student Field Reports
After another night of solid approaching, it was time for us to review the good, the bad, and the ugly with our coaches during their office hours. We each took of the seats around him, and asked him any questions that we wanted about our latest exploits in the field.
Here were some nuggets of wisdom I picked up from a couple of the coaches…
Monte Cristo:
* Have a Plan! Write out a Routine Stack! Throw some science in the search; we’re social artists after all! Have a good, solid game plan.
* LISTEN! She will give you everything you need to know to diffuse and melt her.
Gypsy’s Thumb War Routine in 5 Steps:
1. “What’s your name?” (handshake)
2. “Oh, that was a pretty weak handshake… why don’t you give it another shot?”
3. (Firmer handshake) “Ohhh, NOW we can thumb wrestle!”
4. (Hilarious…) “Okay, first we bow for respect…” (Make your thumb bow!)
5. Play thumb wars, but go nuts, cheat, make it FUN!
10:30am – 12 noon, Academy Room Ross Jeffries – Nail Your Inner Game Part 1 (Detangling Limiting Emotions)
This was a momentous occasion. The founder of the modern seduction community was working with Stylelife and was going to teach us the deeper levels of the Force. This was going to be interesting…
Ross began by asking us NOT to take notes, but to absorb what he was saying on a conceptual level, the write down what resonated most with us at the end. That’s exactly what I did, and here are those very writings:
How do you take a deeply challenging area of life and not be contaminated by the failures of your past?
As a human being, you generally dwell on mistakes in order to SOLVE the problem. But what happens as a result of replaying it and ruminating over it is that it REINFORCES your mistakes!
When you can stop all of the negative programming that is subconsciously going on in your mind, you can get your mind to become quiet and still.
There is no such thing as self sabotage, it’s just that 99% of the world deals with the INERTIA of problems that occurred days, months, YEARS ago, and have built momentum since then, gained power, and are now present within us, much of the time without us knowing. This is the most powerful form of HYPNOTISM there is!
You can deal with your problems one of three ways.
1. Suppression – which never works because there will be a breaking point.
2. Buying into the problem and indulging in it.
3. Some people do BOTH! They suppress, then indulge, suppress, then indulge.
The Solution – Be mindful and aware of the problem, but don’t buy into it.
Approach Anxiety is a misnomer. It should be called Desire Anxiety because your fear comes from the friction between your desire to move forward, and your desire to have certainty over the situation.
Ross’ Solution – “My certainty relies on not needing to be certain… it’s ACCEPTANCE CONFIDENCE.”
Once you can accept this, you encounter no resistance in your social interactions. Your personality becomes totally and completely independent of any outcome or reaction.
Here is the powerful mediation exercise Ross led a few students through to tame our “Desire Anxiety”
1. Close your eyes.
2. In your mind, separate the dialogue and imagery going on in your mind from the Raw Feeling in you.
3. Tune into your body sensations (raw sensations).
4. Tune into non resistance, you are not trying to change or move around. Resistance will arise, but accept it.
5. Every 10 seconds say out loud how you are feeling (Same or changing).
6. Track how your feelings are changing. If nothing changes after 30 seconds, ZOOM into the outer edges of your feelings and focus.
7. Ground yourself in your shoes.
8. Smile into whatever feeling is left.
9. Approach.
That was some seriously profound stuff, it ended the first half of Ross’ presentation, but now it was lunch time and as usual we had a coach’s panel on a particular topic…
12 noon – 1pm – Coach Wing Panel
As usual, just because they were eating, the coaches didn’t stop teaching. This time the discussion would be on winging. Here is a sampling of some of the tips that were covered…
* The most important quality of a wing is that they ARE NOT SELFISH! They should be willing to spend the night on the couch, or to talk to a girl they may not be into all night…all so the buddy they are winging for can get to know the girl he is interested in.
* When you walk in a room, have a good time with your wing! You are the social center, DON’T look around!
* Never approach a group with your wing.
* Your wing must not approach until you get the hook point… then accomplishment intro your wing! Be specific about your back story and brag about him!
* A great wing opening line is “Were you just talking about…” then it’s YOUR job to fill in what you were talking about. “Yea, we were just discussing the jealous girlfriend situation…”
* He who opened the set gets his choice of woman for having opened the set.
* Always leave an opening for your wing to slide into your social circle. And always, ALWAYS make sure you acknowledge your wing when he comes in or you’re screwing him. Remember you’ve known your wings longer than you’ve known this girl, you should act that way.
Tommy D-
* Always make eye contact with your wing, you can usually figure things out this way.
Monte Cristo-
* Get to KNOW your wings, their back stories, and be friends. It’ll be so much easier when you’re in the field.
1pm – 2:30pm, Academy Room Ross Jeffries – Nail Your Inner Game Part 2
Ross started by bringing a very attractive young woman to the front of the room…
* Attractive women know they’re attractive so their body language is loose and free.
* Your Desire Anxiety (Approach Anxiety) is caused by your desire to get intimate with a woman, and your desire to have 100% certainty in the outcome of the situation is what is conflicting.
* The interesting thing is, by themselves, these emotions mean nothing! But when they conflict, this is what creates your anxiety. It’s that internal sense of being ripped apart.
Ross Jeffries then gave some critical thoughts about beliefs…
* Beliefs can open or close gateways to information, awareness, and perception.
* Beliefs control your ability to control and access energy and information.
* Beliefs enable you to view all interactions as opportunities, and as win/win situations where you will either get what you want or learn what you need to get something better next time.
Ross Jeffries concluded with a secret announcement that we are not allowed to share with anyone who wasn’t at the conference quite yet. The best place to find out more will be The Weekend Wingman.
Ross ended his presentation to a standing ovation!
2:30pm – 4pm, Academy Room Steve Piccus and Rasputin, aka Hypnotica
Just when it seemed like all the heaviest hitters had already shown up and spoken, Steve Piccus and Hypnotica, two of the most mysterious and enigmatic figures in The Game came to speak to us and bend our realities…
Their presentation was not rehearsed, just a stream of consciousness fueled by student questions. Here were some main points here are a couple interesting moments from their Q and A:
Q: Do you believe in routines?
H: We don’t use routines. I personally just use any opportunity to enhance her imagination, and if you can do that, you’re good to go. You won’t run out of things to say, ever. And to get the ultimate connection with her, be PRESENT with her…YOU are the master of your own reality. Ground yourself in your masculine energy.
Q: What did you learn about sexuality from studying lesbians?
S: First, they zero in and concentrate on their targets. They are very focused. You guys should go to the lesbian bar because there are bisexual women there who are more than willing to take you home. Go to the Chippendales club because you have one hundred women, horny as hell, with only five guys there to please them. Your chances are ridiculous.
Steve Piccus and Hypnotica also left the stage to a standing ovation, and this meant we had one more guru to go…Style!
4:30pm – 6pm, Academy Room Style – Limiting Beliefs and Calibration Tools
Neil started with detailed coverings his legendary personal attraction model including opening, Demonstrate Higher Value, Creating an Emotional Connection, Disqualifying, and more!
Ways to Disqualify and push pull – Subtle and Playfully – LINES
* “Save me from her!”
* “Nice girls like you shouldn’t hang out with guys like me”
* Put a monetary value on yourself – “That’ll be $30 bucks!” Her: “For what?” You: “For holding my hand!”
* Treat her like she’s the little sister you never had.
* Tell her you have a girlfriend.
* Reverse Roles – “Stop hitting on me, I’m not just a mindless piece of meat”, “Stop taking advantage of me… I’m not that kind of guy…”
* Hire her as an assistant to follow you around everywhere. Tell her you’ll double her salary.
* Be the snob – “Yeah, whatever, not so much…”
* Be the authority figure – “You’re in trouble, you’ve got detention…”
* Disqualify yourself – Exaggerate her and disqualify yourself. “OH SORRY I couldn’t serve you better, princess…”
* Make her compete – “Excuse me, there are more interesting girls over there…”
* Challenge her – “You’re not cool enough to hang with me.” Or “I’m wayyy to young for you…”
He covered a TON of indicators of interest (IOIs) that women give men; here is a list of some of them –
* Twirls her hair * Asks your name * Laughs at your stupid jokes * Hits you in a playful manner * If you pause she will fill in the silence * Squeeze her hand and she squeezes back * Changes opinion to match yours * Holding eye contact * Hold out your hand. If they reach or squeeze them you’re in. * If they unconsciously mirror your movements.
The end of Style’s presentation was especially interesting, and focused on goal setting. We actually wrote these goals down and shared them with a partner to keep us accountable. We ended by saying that we would all get on a conference call in February of 2008 to review how we did on our goals.
All in all this conference was the best attraction conference that I could have asked for. We had everyone from Style and the Stylelife coaches, to Ross Jeffries, Mystery, Matador, Steve Piccus, Hypnotica, and a host of other characters from TV and Hollywood that you would have recognized had you been here.
I wish everyone could have been here, but for those of you that could not attend, hope this field report was useful.

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