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Tyler D sul gunwitch
« on: January 13, 2008, 08:34:24 PM »
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dopo mehow, mi sono “comprato” gli audio di gunwitch… mi sembravano interessanti…. e cosi ho cercato un po: ecco cosa ne dice Tyler D….
Topic:    Gunwitch method: Reflections having tested it (1 of 13), Read 289 times
Conf:     Advanced
From:    TylerDurden tylerdurden9982@hotmail.com
Date:    Wednesday, November 06, 2002 03:36 AM WARNING: -VERY- LONG POST ============
”Before the dawn of civilization, culture, society, palm-reading, and the elvis-opener, THERE WAS GUNWITCH METHOD…. dun dun duuuuhhhh”
========== I’ve seen Mystery Method at its PUREST. I’ve LIVED with Mystery for THREE days, at my workshop. I can tell you, MM is AMAZING.
BUT there is a TIME AND PLACE for EVERYTHING. And MM and SS are NOT the best methods in certain scenarios. In many cases, they are OVERKILL. And, I DO AGREE with Gunwitch, in his assessment that in certain scenarios they can cause the HB to HOLD OUT on sex, because she likes you so much and wants to establish value for herself by holding out. (meanwhile she fucks her daddy’s pool man).
Trust me. If a chick is ALREADY in a sexual state, going into routines will BREAK it. (testé 26 fois)
And that sarge, for people who don’t remember, required me only to go into a sexual state (to the point where I was visibly hard to her in fact!), and chat about my major, where I lived, where I was from, and what my name was (the last thing she asked, before she agreed to bring me to her house within 10 minutes of having met me).
There are some cases where ANYTHING OTHER than Gunwitch method will DESTROY the lay.
Gunwitch shows us a way to seduce WITHOUT having any game prepared.
Amongst many things, it shows us: -a GREAT method of state control (going into a sexual state STOPS nervousness IN ITS TRACKS and makes you much more fluid and confident in your sarges) -a way to generate INCREDIBLE CHEMISTRY with almost any chick outside of a group -a way to seal the deal within MINUTES of an approach, in cases where a lone girl is approachable
IMO, while its not as original as say Group Theory, given the CONTEXT of how far we’ve gone on ASF to take game to another level, it IS a very original and MUCH NEEDED contribution to our game.
While I don’t agree with using it in ALL cases, I DO AGREE that it is USEFUL in various situations.
It’s a CRUCIAL peice of my toolbox, and something that I whip out on occassions with great success.

Beef #2)
Gunwitch really tears down alot of our most valued PU tactics.
Commander Zap, for example, has PU’ed MANY chicks using palm-reading to open it up. Spirit has used NLP.
So how can Gunwitch be right, then?
Well the thing is, that many of our tricks are designed for use on GROUPS – to attain perceived alpha-status through social proof, which comes from entertaining the group using the gimmicks. the gimmicks/patterns are used to generate interest in girls who Gunwitch method could NOT work for. these things BUY YOU MORE TIME to see if you can get her to go sexual later on.
Think about it. You’ll do the Gunwitch thing UNCONCSIOUSLY if the sarge goes well. Gunwitch is merely advocating ATTEMPTING to skip over that stuff. If it doesn’t work, Gunwitch has told me on MANY occassions that he’ll TRY SOMETHING ELSE, such as NLP.
Gunwitch’s point that gimmicks/patterns is supplication is, IMO, misunderstood.
By my reading of it, he does not view gimmicks/patterns as supplication in the TRADITIONAL sense (ie: paying for shit, or ANYTHING that BREAKS HER STATE by causing her to perceive you as trying to manipulate her into sex). Our gimmicks/routines are not supplication in that sense.
But YET, they ARE, STRICTLY SPEAKING, still supplication. She just DOESN’T KNOW IT. Which as far as we’re concerned, IS FINE, so long as we get laid! :)
Ask Gunwitch “would you do gimmicks x,y,z to lay a WWF Nitro Girl (I assume that’s his taste!)” and I’m guessing he’d say ‘yes’. His point, however, is merely that they CAN be skipped, and given the opportunity to skip them, you SHOULD skip them.
So, for one reading the Gunwitch text, and thinking “wtf is this?! I’ve invested x-hours into learning gimmicks/patterning… this is BULLSHIT!” YOU NEED NOT FEEL THIS WAY. Simply, you need to recognize that there is a TIME and PLACE for all of these things, and SOMETIMES they are not necessary.
============== Gunwitch Method: THE SYSTEM, and the way it gets you LAID
The Gunwitch method cannot help you lay chicks in a group. It cannot help you lay chicks in a rush, hurrying down the street. It cannot help you lay certain chicks that JUST WILL NOT FUCK YOU.
MM and SS CAN.
A chick walks down the street, you yell, “OMG, I NEED an opinion on something.. my friend, he was invited onto Ricki Lake! The secret admirer show! He’s scared its a gay guy from his work, but it could be the girl he likes!”
BOOM! You’re into a convo, and the PU game BEGINS.
A chick is with her friends, you start entertaining them, and negging HER. She gets insecure, but her friends love you. You ask the friends if its OK to talk to the target alone since you’ve alienated her, and they GLADLY send you two on your way!
Can Gunwitch Method get you that? NO.
And SS. You’ve got the chick isolated, and she just ISN’T going into a sexual state.
Next thing, you start describing “this and that feeling” with all these SPs, binder commands, and time manipulations..
BOOM, she feels the connection, and you’re on your way.
Can Gunwitch Method get you that? NO.
So what good is it then?!
Well Gunwitch Method is EXCELLENT for PU’ing lone chicks in MANY MANY MANY situations.
You walk up on a chick in the grocery store. Go into a sexual state.. you talk some fluff, when all of a sudden, she starts to arch her back, soften her tone, and check you out..
BOOM. You’re on your way to a SAME DAY F_CLOSE!
Can MM/SS get you that?!?!?! NOOOOO!
So it DOES have applications.
(ASIDE: I also want to clear up a misconception, having met Mystery IRL. Mystery is VERY good at EVERYTHING, though he’s known primarily for group theory. His instincts are TUNED, and I guarantee if he senses that he doesn’t need routines, he doesn’t use them, and lays the chick ASAP)
My experience with Gunwitch Method:
Both Eddy and myself have had increased success since the release of the text.
I’ve used it myself, and in the FIRST WEEK in TESTING, managed to get a girl to agree to come back to my car (where I ditched her cause I had to go, and did it just to impress my friend), and isolated another girl at a grocery store.
It’s AMAZING what these chicks will agree to, once their “time to FUCK” instinct has been triggered.
I’ve also had other experiences, where I was successful, and in rhetrospect, KNEW that had I not used it, she would have been REMOVED from the sexual state, and NOT f_closed.
When to use it:
Once you’ve tried it, you develop a nice sense for when its time to use it, and when its not.
If you try to “go sexual” and she won’t reciprocate, its TIME TO TRY SOME OTHER TACTIC.
BUT, if she goes sexual, LAY OFF THE TACTICS and stick to Gunwitch style.
The key component is ISOLATION. You’ll be AMAZED at what chicks who don’t even like you that much will do to please themselves, if they think they’re friends will never know about it.
Anyway, just try to picture a time where the chick is totally aroused at the END OF YOUR NORMAL GIMMICK BASED GAME. OK, now picture what would happen at that point if you started talking about Elvis’ hair. Fucked up, right?
Well using Gunwitch method, you can basically get to that point by SKIPPING all the other shit. It doesn’t always work. Hell, I PU some DAMNED hot chicks with MAJOR bitch shields, and it OFTEN doesn’t work. For me, its more often than not, in fact. But I have decent game, and I have MANEUVREBILITY, so I can EASILY go game and recuperate once I know its not gonna work.
BUT, sometimes it DOES, and those times I’m VERY happy that I was able to skip over all that, and GO FOR THE JUGGULAR.
How it works to get you laid on a day-to-day basis:
To speak metaphorically, the difference between Gunwitch method and MM or SS, is that it is a DRAG NET, while MM/SS is a FISHING LINE.
You CANNOT walk into a club, pick out a target (say the hottest chick), and FOR SURE nail her using Gunwitch method, IMO.
With MM, you can CONSISTENTLY work the crowd, play the target’s insecurities, play her ‘social proof = alpha’ perceeptions, and lay her.
You can lay a SPECIFIC TARGET.
Gunwitch method, can lay you MANY targets, but won’t necessarily get you a PARTICULAR target.
Basically, if you ‘go sexual’ or ‘go gunwitch’ on every decent lone chick you meet, you WILL GET LAID REGULARLY BY ATTRACTIVE WOMEN. ================
-Gunwitch method IS a valuable contribution.
-It is an ESSENTIAL component of a PUAs toolbox, and should ALWAYS be pulled out in certain scenarios.
-You should NOT write off all other ASF stuff, but rather use it SYNERGISTICALLY. This stuff is ALL great.
-Taking 2 weeks to just PRACTISE using it (ie: practise conveying a sexual state WITHOUT the crutch of other ASF stuff) just to SEE THE RESULTS, is an EXCELLENT and VERY EDIFYING experience for a PUA. Even if it lowers results for those 2 weeks, it will UP GAME SIGNIFIGANTLY in the future, because your ENDGAME will be TIGHT AS HELL. In fact, my PU skills are mediocre at BEST because our ENDGAME is INCREDIBLY TIGHT, we can still lay way more chicks than alot of you can, simply because ANY CHICK THAT WILL SPEND TIME FOR ME IS A SITTING DUCK. That’s why I’ve posted more PU reports than final LRs. Because for me, if I can PU, I can f_close. Guaranteed, using Gunwitch method. So the PU is the harder part, and more interesting part for me. ============= I use MM, I use SS, I use C&F, I use NYC style, I use Toecutter’s stuff, and I use Gunwitch method. It’s all helped my interactions with women substantially, and all been worth the time investment in trying them individually.

The Gunwitch method is so obvious that it cannot be anything other than right. Logically it makes perfect sense. If you are friendly to a girl she will start to mirror you in most cases. It is obvious therefore that there is a very good chance that she will mirror your sexual state. And I will vouch as a RAFC that it works for me. Strong eye contact, a deep voice and physical promixity to your target of your desire whilst asking the directions to the cinema is also great fun and also relatively risk free if like me your biggest SP is fear of approaching.
1)How do you test a women and she if she is open to being Gunwitched? I mean if you use nlp type language and it bounces off of them you know they are not open to it?
 all women are open to being Gunwitched at some point, if you approach with that sexual state inside of you and start talking simply notice how she responds! Repeat ESCALATION ! Start off small – work big… She doesn`t know enough about you to get a `fix` on your personality so by starting small it`s not like you`re going from `mr.smooth talker` to `badboy jerk`
2)In the sexual key it mentions four types of women, one being the sensual one which responds more too kino. Could it be said that this type of women is the one that would respond to gunwitch as opposed to a contrarian?  Labels and types are great for mental masturbation – in reality there`s a bit of each in everyone… You`re presupposing that KINO is the sole key in this method when asking that question..
3) So is getting the HB in sexual state just strong kino? Nope.. it helps but it`s not the be-all and end-all > Also once you start having a lot of consistant success like gunwitch, being sexual just becomes a part of of you are, you expect it and subconciously (with body language too) this is communicated to women. So in turn they go with there natural rythyms.:     I’ve used a lot of SS/MM stories to ATTRACT chicks in the past but I’ve never thought of them in that primal way GUNWITCH says to do – the sexual state.
Ross Jeffries for example STRESSES “not to act like a horn dog” and to keep “your feelings in check” during the PU. I’ve always thought this was the way to go until I read the whole GUNWITCH style. I’ve tried it and I’ll admit I like the sexual state and it drives me to accelerate my KINO and be more agressive during the PU.

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