value reciprocation & frame control by Mehow

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value reciprocation & frame control by Mehow
« on: November 19, 2007, 11:20:02 PM »
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ere was the question:
“In the palm reading routine, you said to tell the woman that you’re ‘fresh out of psychic juice’ and stack into pure kino. Is this more powerful than telling her to say one nice thing about me first, and then going into the palm read?”
Here’s Mehow’s Response:
=============================== “That’s a great question!
The truth is, neither approach is better than the other.  They are both good!
When you say ‘Before I do that, you have to give me one compliment’, with a big playful smile, you are giving her a small amount of value in return for being friendly.  Then you make her give you some value… through her guessing, before you give any more.
However, when you say: ‘I can’t do THAT… I just read some other girls palm… and I’m fresh out of PSYCHIC JUICE… go like this…’
Your actually doing the same thing.
The secret here is that the kino you are commanding her to do is the work she has to do before she gets more value from you!
She has to put value in before getting more value out, whereas in the first example (from the GTG book, by the way) the work is her having to give you a compliment.
In either case, you are making her work for it BEFORE you give her value back beyond just being friendly.
So the approaches aren’t better or worse, you are doing two different things to accomplish the same goal:
1.) Value Reciprocation 2.) Frame Control
So there you have it… use either approach, or use both!
Either way, you’re going to get the results!

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