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confidence NLP
« on: October 22, 2007, 04:37:14 PM »
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Preferisco (di molto) la tecnica di Ross Jeff, che ho lasciato sul dvd che si e babbato brioz.. pero non ho voglia di trascriverla..
questa l ho presa da qui:
By: Peter Shallard
This is a fantastic little visualisation technique that I use all the time. It works amazingly for overcoming little tingles of fear you might get when you have to present in front of a group, give a speech or whatever.
It’s really simple… I use it to supercharge myself before going into a situation where I need to really excel in communication, create a great image in other’s minds, generally present myself and my cause successfully and feel great doing it.
Here’s how it works:
Take any negative feelings you have about what your about to do (I usually have a bit of nervousness before making a presentation) and visualise them as a coloured ball rolling around inside you (wherever you “feel” that feeling). If you have trouble doing this, try to think of where in your body the feeling might start or enter… then think of where it might leave you… now create a cyclic motion between these two points.
Can you see it?…. That’s great.
Now, which way is that ball spinning? It could be going any way… find out…
Can you see that?
Now slow the spinning down, make the ball get slowly slower and slower. Do you notice those feelings diminishing?
Bring the ball to a complete halt. Hold it still. Now you’re feeling neutral, right?
But neutrality is not the way you want to enter your conversations (or any situation). So let’s try something else… start spinning the ball the opposite way to which it was spinning before…. feeling good, huh?
Now, feel better… spin the ball faster!
Now faster!
Now 5 times as fast again!
Feeling GOOD?!
Spin it faster! FEEL BETTER!
10 times… spin it so fast that it makes a noise like a circular saw!
Now with a big whoosh noise, make that ball twice its size!
Now twice as big again!
Make that ball so big your body is inside it!
Pheew! You can stop now… I’m exhausted. That feels good huh?
You can do this technique as fast as you want, whenever you want. You can spin the ball whatever way works best, make it whatever colour you want. Visualise the technique associated or disassociated.
Play around with it, get good at it. Be flexible.
Try practicing, just imagining the times when you might use it for real.
When you can generate strong positive states in yourself, you can generate strong positive states in other people. This will help you become a confident, expert communicator.
You want to learn more? Register with the forum here and become a regular poster. The forums have a ton of useful information that can help you become outstanding, in any field, even if it is just communicating.
QUI invece c e un post di un AFC su un forum di piennellisti.

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