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———————Finally… one of the original “Godfathers” of dating breaks the “Brain Code” to reveal precisely how you can… Break Free From the Shackles of the Mind! Discover Your Inner ‘Alpha Male’, Break Through Mental Barriers to Effortlessly Attract Beautiful Women… Automatically!” The “Mental Edge” of Attraction and Seduction… So Powerful… It’s Consistently Sought by the Most Revered Men in the World… Including Neil Strauss, Ross Jeffries and David DeAngelo! From: Hypnotica, a.k.a. Rasputin of “The Game” The “Inner Game Guru” Dear friend, If you would like to break through the mental barriers that are holding you back from meeting the women of your dreams… break free from the self-concepts that prevent you from approaching attractive women, and recapture the inner confidence and “alpha male” instincts that women secretly desire in every man… then this will be the most powerful, most revealing, and most important message you have ever read… for reasons you will soon understand. But first, think about this for a moment: Right now, there are men all around you who achieve more out of life… especially when it comes to women! You know who I am talking about… those guys that somehow attract women everywhere they go, like bees to honey… guys that always seem to have hot women vying for their attention! Let’s get to the heart of the matter… It has nothing to do with their job titles, their salaries, the cars they drive, or even their “Game” techniques… So what really separates these ‘Babe Magnets’ from the rest of the crowd? The Answer Might Shock, Amaze… or Even Disturb You! Right now, as you read each word of this message… you are a prisoner of your own mind. That’s right. At this precise moment in time, you’re being held hostage by your own belief system. And chances are… you don’t even realize it. But… you might feel it. It’s that lingering feeling that follows you like a dark shadow throughout life. That little voice that is constantly telling you, “You’re not cool enough…”, “She’s not interested in guys like you…” or “She’s only interested in ‘successful’ guys…”. It’s that moment of hesitation, that endless second guessing, and that creeping self-doubt that will continue to dictate the choices you make, ultimately destroying the quality of your relationships and life! And believe me… it’s not your fault! In fact, regardless of what you may believe, the biggest thing separating you from attracting that tantalizing woman, or lots of hot women for that matter… is the limitation of your mind! But here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be this way… not for you. You just need the right insight, the proper tools, the powerful tactics to unleash your “Inner Game,” and then watch the women come to you! And, if you will allow me to be your guide… I will give you the keys to do it all! With over 14 years of experience, I have developed some of the hardest-hitting strategies to help men recalibrate themselves at a deep and personal level… allowing ordinary men to reprogram their own beliefs, identity, and reality to achieve extraordinary results! To put it another way, I will give you the inner power and confidence to take your game to the highest level… allowing you to confidently approach, attract, and seduce women on demand! Now I would not suggest that you simply take my word for it. Take a look at what some of world’s most famous dating experts have to say: “Hypnotica is one of the people who has personally helped me at the deepest level, the most fundamental level, helping me get my reality, identity, and belief levels together. He taught me some of the most powerful and useful concepts that I use today.” – David DeAngelo, CEO, Double Your Dating “Hypnotica is the Inner Game Guru. The concepts he teaches have been one of the influential factors in my own journey in regards to being more successful in The Game.” – Neil Strauss, Best-Selling author of “The Game” Now, here is the truth of the matter… Up until now, I have closely guarded these secrets, and only take on new clients on a case-by-case basis, and only by referral. After an intensive interview process, on the rare occasion I actually accept I new client, I charge a staggering fee of $10,000.00 for three days of personalized training. In fact, at this point in time, and in spite of the large fee I charge, my new client waiting list is well over two months long… with no sign of slowing up. But, I have to level with you… I receive over fifty emails from guys like you each and every day. Guys that seek my advice and services, but find my current training fee out of reach. Now, most “gurus” would simple hit the “delete” key on their keyboard and move on with life. But if you know me at all, you know that is just not my style. Admittedly, some of these emailed pleas remind me of myself, as an overweight teenager looking for the answers to life. So, here is why I am writing to you today: I want to give you the chance to reclaim your inner Alpha Male… and fully experience the satisfaction of attracting the most alluring women on the planet… to truly maximize your success with women, and the relationships in your life! And do it all, without breaking the bank! This is why it pleases me to say: Right now, for a limited time, you can spend 3 power-packed days discovering my most coveted methods and strategies to… Break Through the Mental Restraints, Recapture the “Inner Game” Fire and Achieve Maximum Results… Now! Introducing… Hypnotica’s Total Mind Mastery London, United Kingdom – June 13th – 15th, 2008 Friday, From 7 pm to 10 pm Saturday, From Noon to 6 pm Sunday, Noon to 6 pm, (please be prepared to stay longer!) Featuring Denver Clay! During this powerful and very personalized 3-day event, I will reveal to you the same knowledge that I have only revealed to the elite “Inner Circle” members of the pick-up community! In fact, in this workshop, I will reveal all the tools, methods, and strategies to shatter the beliefs of your mind… and help you create a new blueprint for reality! More importantly, you will discover:
* How to Instantly Change Your Beliefs… Putting an Immediate Charge in Your Sex Life!     * How to Redesign Your Own “Inner Game” Strategies That Will Result in a Huge Boost to Your Outer Game Success!     * How to Perfectly Align Your Beliefs to Maximize the Results You Get from Women… and Get the Respect You Deserve!     * The Secrets of “Deep Eye Contact”… and How to Use It!     * The “Inner Game” Techniques to Keep Any Woman Riveted.     * How to Reprogram Your Body Language to Silently Attract Women Automatically!     * How to Use Your Voice and Tempo to be Persuasive and Seductive… to Get What You Want and Have Her Burning with Desire!     * Plus…
You will walk away from this intensive, “hands on” workshop with a war chest of “mental tools” to maximize your personal effectiveness… such as:
* Real Strategies for “Future Perfect” Programming!     * The “Perceptual Position” that Builds Rock Solid Self-Confidence!     * Powerful Hypnosis and “Chaining” State Exercises!     * The Famous “Eye Scramble” Technique to Lock in Positivity!     * Strategies to Use Your Own Passions to Overcome Any Problem!     * Tools to Eliminate The Anxiety You Feel from Any Situation!     * And a Whole Lot More!
But that is not the end of the story! The Total Mind Mastery event also features Denver Clay! Denver Clay began his career with a landmark 6 year collaboration with Dr. Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming). Since 1989, Denver has developed hundreds of ground breaking auditory installation techniques, including the Neurosonics Personal Enhancement Series.
Through his cutting-edge recordings and countless live appearances, Denver has demonstrated the degree to which the mind may be moved, changed, and affected through the use of sound and music!
Many have said the eyes are the windows to the soul. Denver Clay shows that the ears are the doorways to the mind! By combining the synergies of Denver’s hypnotic audio sounds, and Hypnotica’s deep, mind altering trances creates a powerful, almost euphoric atmosphere allowing to you to achieve the most astounding mental breakthroughs! An experience that is almost too powerful for words: “Mind Blowing!” “Hypnotica’s seminar was awesome… you will feel the difference in yourself. The music was awesome… you are just sitting there listening to Hypnotica’s voice… and then these sounds come in… it’s like you see flashes of light… mind blowing! This is going to help me a lot with approach anxiety and pulling the trigger… I had problems with taking it to the next level. But after the first night of the seminar I just walked up to a girl and asked her for her number! You have to be the center of your own universe. If you aren’t doing it for you then you’re not really doing it!” – Tony, 24, San Francisco, CA And… you can’t experience this epic infusion of sounds and trance anywhere else in the world! More importantly… You will walk away from this event with a fresh new feeling of confidence, ready to effortlessly take your game to the next level and finally… Break Free From The Bondage of Your Mind and Start Attracting More Women… With Better Results… Almost Instantly! But you must act quickly… In order to maximize my program’s effectiveness, and to fulfill my desire to make this workshop an intimate and personal experience for each participant, I will only accept 35 new students for each workshop… period! Those accepted will walk away as new men, just like these guys: “Intense… and Very Helpful!” “Hypnotica’s seminar awesome, and very intense. The music was awesome… really relaxing, totally helped me get into state. My biggest problem was approach anxiety… last night it was already diminished… I’m going to be better and better!” – Rafael 22, San Francisco, CA “I was skeptical about the whole thing … but then…” “I was skeptical about the whole thing … but then when I came in … it opened a lot of doors in my mind … deep, emotional internal change of your perception of life. My biggest problem going into this was hesitation and internal voices. Coming out of the seminar now… I’m my own man. I set my own rules and I play by them.” – Luis, 27, Oceanside, CA “You Just Have To Experience It!” “You really don’t know what this is about until you go to one and experience it! My main sticking point has been the extra nervousness. I would see an attractive woman and the anxiety was too great… but the seminar helped me!” – Nick, 23, San Diego, CA Now, here’s is my favorite part! You will get a total of three days of intensive training, with personalized attention from myself… while paying but a small fraction of my normal $10,000.00 fee! In fact… you can attend all three days of the Total Mind Mastery workshop for just $1197!
Click on the link below to jump on this once in a lifetime opportunity today: You have nothing to lose! In fact, I don’t want you to risk a single dime attending my Total Mind Mastery event, so I am going to personally guarantee your Full Satisfaction! Here’s the deal: Sign-up now for my Total Mind Mastery event, and if after the first day of the event you don’t feel a surge of new confidence, learn the powerful tools to take your game to the next level, witness firsthand the methods to make radical changes in your life… OR FOR ANY REASON what so ever… simply ask for a full “No Hassles, No Questions” refund! Your refund will be quickly, and courteously returned to you within just 2 business days… period! It’s as simple as that! That’s how confident I am that this event will be a turning point in your life! So why wait? Sign-up today, and take the first step in getting the lifetime of results you deserve! Here’s how to secure your spot today: To sign-up online simply click on the link below, now: OR to sign-up by phone, have your credit card ready and call: 1-888-mehow-tv, my friendly staff members can be reached, Monday through Friday, 11 AM to 5 PM (PST). Best of all, you can reserve your spot to this epic event with a small deposit of just $349 today… and the balance due before you arrive! Now that’s fair, right? So click on the link below, and sign up now! To your seduction success, Hypnotica

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