Stylelife: building a new look

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Stylelife: building a new look
« on: October 19, 2007, 11:58:36 PM »
inauguro con questo tread una nuova sezione: best of mailing list! anche se ormai le ml di seduzione fanno cagare, ogni tanto qualcosina di cristiano c’è..
tips mediocri sul look da “bravo” ( uno dei bracci destri del pelato 🙂
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= BUILDING MY NEW LOOK by Bravo =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Bravo is the kind of guy whose presence positively affects any room he enters. Both guys and girls take notice when he arrives, and that’s great…because it is a direct result of the look, image, and identity he has cultivated. Knowing how to dress and groom yourself are key aspects to getting the cool guy that is within you to bubble up to the surface. The following is an account of Bravo’s journey that allowed that to happen:
Before I got married, I was pretty successful with women…but after my divorce I felt like I had lost all my mojo. It was like I broke my back and had to learn to walk again. Then I read, THE GAME, and my life was changed forever. I felt like a secret had just been shared with me, and I was willing to do whatever it took to transform my life, just like Style did.
One of the biggest sticking points I was going to undertake was rebuilding my identity, specifically my look/style. This was perhaps the toughest part of my journey. I definitely had a look…the problem was that it wasn’t a look that women responding to positively. The shirts I owned that I considered “cool” at the time were purchased years ago, some dating as far back as high school!
BRAVO’S WINGMAN FASHION TIP #1: Fashion and style are always evolving and changing. If you haven’t changed or upgraded some parts of your wardrobe over the last couple of years, chances are you could use a trip to the clothing store for new shoes, shirts and jeans.
I think back to high school when I hated clothes shopping with a passion. It was because I was doing it all wrong. Normally I would go out and spend the whole day trying on stuff and dropping a ton of money; not any more…
BRAVO’S WINGMAN FASHION TIP #2: Look around every few weeks for something cool and new. It’s much easier to run in and try on 2-3 shirts or a pair of jeans, and still have the rest of the day to do other things. This also ensures that you constantly have new items working their way into your wardrobe so you don’t wear the same 3 shirts each weekend.
During my fashion-troubled days, I was heavily into doing the tactical training stuff. My image remained static and unchanging. I always had the same look which included short hair, combat boots, cargo pants, and a big, thick, nylon belt. If my day’s activities involved going to battle, I was dressed for the occasion. However, if talking to woman was on the agenda…well let’s just say they weren’t digging it.
BRAVO’S WINGMAN FASHION TIP #3: While your clothing should help convey your interests and career, they shouldn’t be totally based off these things. The key is being able to maintain your identity and interest without compromising a look that is in style and aesthetically pleasing. Find out which clothes are cool by browsing through magazines like GQ or Esquire to find out what stores carry the stylish brands, then go find clothes in those stores that you like.
In order to begin improving my look, I asked some females for fashion advice. It turns out women love talking about this stuff…a few of them even volunteered to help me shop! One common suggestion they all gave me was that I should buy some new shoes. Women love shoes. They take a lot of time choosing the shoes that they wear and they look for guys who do the same. Unfortunately, this went in one ear and out the other, I LIKED my boots! It wasn’t until a few years later I realized I should have listened…
BRAVO’S WINGMAN FASHION TIP #4: Are you still wearing the same lame, beat up pair of sneakers you had 3 years ago? If so, consider this as the first item you replace when shopping for your new wardrobe.
Even though I put up some resistance here, I did do a few things right away that got me on the proper path to my new look.
BRAVO’S WINGMAN FASHION TIP #5, GET A HAIR CUT: The first thing I did was stop getting an eight dollar haircut where the lady just used an electric trimmer. It is worth it to go to a nicer place where they take their time on each customer, giving you a haircut that is customized for you. I also started to grow some facial hair, for a week it didn’t look so good, but once it grew in, the compliments began rolling in and I knew I was on to something!
The complements made me want to take this further. I started to look around at cool T-shirts, lost my ancient pair of jeans from the nineties, and picked up a few accessories. My old definition of accessorizing was carrying a flashlight and pocket knife (always be prepared, right?) Now I was doing it with a cool necklace, a few rings, and a leather bracelet. Once again the compliments from girls kept rolling in and growing in numbers. I may have thought accessorizing was lame in the past, but the compliments were the part that got me over it. When the ladies love it, it’s all good in my book!
BRAVO’S WINGMAN FASHION TIP #6, ACCESSORIZE: Having accessories is a sure fire way to boost the coolness factor of any outfit. Consider watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, wrist bands, ties, scarves, wallet chains, and any other jewelry or fun extra you can think of. Experiment to see which ones you enjoy and which fit your new look.
Once you start to get into this stuff, you’ll develop your own fashion sense as your own personal style grows and evolves. I started buying shirts I would never have purchased before; my combat boots were replaced by pointy leather Italian shoes – with a matching leather belt taking over for the tactical belt.
The last thing I will mention, and the last item of clothing I changed, was my underwear…
BRAVO’S WINGMAN FASHION TIP #7, NEW UNDERWEAR: Hanes three pack for nine bucks is cool when you are in high school, but we are men now. I got a few pairs of Calvin Klein briefs and trunks, and as soon as the ladies started seeing them, the comments started rolling in. Once again…all the proof I needed! My drawer is now loaded with them.
If you’re getting unsolicited, positive feedback on your looks from beautiful women, then you’re on the right track. Otherwise, take an honest look in the mirror and take stock in what your look tells women. It will take a little bit of work to transform yourself, but when you do, you will look in the mirror and see a pretty cool looking guy staring back at you. And, so will the beautiful women that will love the new you.
If you are serious about revamping your image so you can effectively attract women, me and the rest of the Stylelife coaches can help you achieve the results you truly desire. We have created a complete Stylelife course named, “Master Your Looks, Fashion, and Grooming” that will teach you everything you need to know about this topic, fast. Please visit the following web page for a complete breakdown of everything you can learn, step-by-step, at Stylelife Academy:

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