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transcript from mehow
« on: November 20, 2007, 11:11:56 PM »
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anche lui è ultra routinizzato… pero sono diverse da quelle del Mystero…. valide direi io…
In this portion of the episode… he has this girl (he just met) practically eating from his hand… and literally begging, “Keep going, Keeping going!”
You’ll have to see it for yourself… in the meantime, here’s the transcript:
Infield Insider Transcript
Chapter 1
Kamouflage: Right behind me at the bar. Right there
Fuji: Awesome. Could we pick any better logistics?
Kamouflage: Let’s go
Fuji: Hey there, tonic and lime?
Fuji: What’s up Guys!
Fuji: You guys look fun, how are you?
HBBlonde: Oh what’s up, buddy!
Fuji: OMG You are the fun one, aren’t you?
HBBlonde: That’s right I am!
Fuji: She is trouble though, I can totally tell! . Like “Bad Girl,” huh?
HBBlonde: What’s your name, huh??
Fuji: What do you think my name is?
HBBlonde: I don’t know.
Fuji: It’s a puzzler isn’t it?
HBBlonde: Uh.. Seth? Are you a Seth?
Fuji: Am I a what?
HBBlonde: Are you a Seth?
Fuji: Say that one more time.
HBBlonde: Seth?
Fuji: I am totally not a Seth?
HBBlonde: What the fuck is your name??
Fuji: I am Darren.
HBBlonde: Hi Darren!
Fuji: And you are.
HBBlonde: <confidentiality mute>
Fuji: You totally don’t seem like a <mute>
HBBlonde: Why not??
HBBlonde: Because. We’re going to give you a new name. She’s going to be Lola,
Fuji: Alright Guys, let me see your hands.  Are you right-handed or left-handed?
HBBlonde: I’m right-handed!
Fuji: Right handed?
HBBlonde: Yeah!
Fuji: Now stand up for a minute, I’m going to show you something cool. Stand up for a minute. Stand up for a minute
HBBlonde: Alright I didn’t realize <inaudible>
Fuji: Ok check this out, you’re right-handed, right?
HBBlonde: Yes!
Fuji: Why did you choose to wear this ring on this finger?
HBBlonde: <inaudible>
Fuji: Is that what you do?
HBBlonde: And because when guys get girly with me I like to punch them.
Fuji: Did you know. that the finger you choose to wear your rings on makes a really powerful statement about your personality.
Fuji: What’s up, Bro? Guys, I want to introduce you to my friend, Mike. Mike. and I totally didn’t get your name.
HBBlonde: <mute>
Fuji: Ok, she’s going to be Lola, you’re going to be Coco. cause those are way easier to remember than <mute>. You can’t be like Coco Chanel though. Way too high maintenance. I am the high maintenance one.  You can’t be high maintenance too. Ok so you. go like this. So that says. do you know what that means?
HBBlonde: What does that mean?
Fuji: This finger is represented by Aphrodite, the goddess of love. and it means you’re really in touch with your emotions. it means you’re really compassionate.
HBBlonde: Keep going, keep going. ========================
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Re: transcript from mehow
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2007, 12:53:15 AM »
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Quote from: rotello on November 20, 2007, 11:11:56 PM

anche lui è ultra routinizzato… pero sono diverse da quelle del Mystero…. valide direi io… ========================

Tradurre qualcosa già che ci sei?

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